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Animals will regularly attempt to liberate themselves from slaughterhouses and farms. They attempt to escape the fate that we have decided for them, the fate of being killed needlessly.

They attempt to escape from us, but their efforts are in almost every case futile. 

But the public root for these animals to live, despite the fact that for many of us, the reason that these animals are in these situations is because of the purchases that we make.

So is it not absurd to root for the animals who are trying to be free from the situation our actions have in fact placed them in?

And does the very fact that we yearn for them to live, not speak volumes about how we view animals and their lives? 

In reality, most of us never think about the suffering of animals and we certainly don’t think about them being scared in a slaughterhouse. Ultimately their life and death is hidden from us, purposefully kept away from us by these industries that rely on secrecy and unconscious consumerism.

However, when an animal escapes that secrecy is shattered. We become conscious participants in the life of that animal. Their suffering is no longer hidden and the reality of their fate is shown to us.

The fate of death in a slaughterhouse.

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