What Other Animals Need from Us Irish Vegan Festival Belfast

Go Vegan World attended the second Irish Vegan Festival held at The Waterfront Belfast in May 2017.

Sandra Higgins spoke to the audience about what other animals need from us. Motivated by her work with the residents of Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary Ireland, she spoke about their need for us to move from speciesism to a radically new way of thinking and feeling about them, as our sentient equals rather than our property. The methods used by Go Vegan World have proved to be extremely successful in encouraging people to be vegan. They have also attracted an unprecedented reaction from the industries that exploit other animals. Sandra attributes this to the uncompromising focus of the campaign on the victims of our non-veganism and the fact that it encourages people to question the legal standard practices upon which all animal use is predicated instead of scapegoating the people we pay to farm and kill on our behalf when we are not vegan. She explains how highlighting cruel breaches in welfare legislation are futile because 99% of people are already opposed to animal cruelty. The talk was followed by a Q&A session.

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