WHAT I EAT IN A DAY (simple vegan meals) 🥦🍊🥙

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recipes featured in today’s video:
french toast: https://www.amandaducks.com/recipes/vegan-french-toast
iced cacao: https://www.amandaducks.com/recipes/iced-cacao
sticky orange sauce: https://www.amandaducks.com/recipes/crispy-orange-tempeh
creamy cashew dressing: https://www.amandaducks.com/recipes/creamy-cashew-dressing

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🌻 FAQ:
– what diet do you eat?
i eat a vegan diet, and tend to eat low gluten and low amounts of avocado and cauliflower due to digestive issues. however i do occasionally eat these foods and therefore include it in recipes on my youtube channel.

– what camera do you use?
canon 90d with 10-18mm lens or 18-55mm lens

– how do you edit your videos?
i use adobe premiere pro and highly recommend peter mckinnon on youtube for tutorials

– where do you live?
gold coast, queensland, australia

– how long have you been vegan?
over 5 years

– do you take any supplements?
only a b12 spray under my tongue 1-2 times a week, otherwise levels are perfecto!

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