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Are you running out of ideas for family dinners? This was one of those days I found myself stuck in front of the refrigerator, staring at the vegetables and leftovers inside, thinking of what to cook for dinner. I had lots of mint coriander chutney from dinner the night before, so I thought…Let’s make a filling for Roti!This Airfryer Recipe can be made in Oven or on Stove top.
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Eat Healthy! Stay home! Recipe for the Mint Coriander Chutney 👇
So here is how I made the filling. Heat up oil, add greechillies, onion. Sauté and then add turmeric powder, cumin seeds. Add all the chopped vegetables. Add salt, Garam masala. Mix well. Cover it and cook for about 8 minutes. Check in between, do not overcook the vegetables. Remove the lid and let all the moisture evaporate from the veggie mix. You can either make roti or use the ready made ones. I have tried both. Spread the mint coriander chutney on the roti, fill in veggie mix, roll tightly and serve hot. My girls like crispiness, so I used Air fryer and Air fried the rolls for 5 minutes at 390 degree Fahrenheit. If you don’t have air fryer, you can bake it or use pan to shallow fry the rolls. Remember to pin the roti with toothpick. This will help the stuffing to stay inside the roti.
My Family loved the rolls and I later learned that this is a very popular North Indian street food called Kathi rolls! Well now here is my version of Kathi rolls! I hope you enjoy this recipe and please do share any pictures of your rolls with me via email! Would love to see! Leave your comments and share this recipe with your loved ones.
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