Vegan Grocery Haul | Vegan Athlete Series Day 28

In this video we go grocery shopping! Grocery shopping is a must when it comes to transforming the human body no matter what diet someone is on.

This is because it gives full control over they type of food we are eating. Whether it is organic, non-gmo, lean or full of fat, whether or not its full of refined or natural sugar etc

Being a vegan doesn’t have to be difficult but it can go wrong fast if someone doesn’t know what to look for on their vegan grocery haul

Because I am a vegan for health, my vegan grocery hauls are prioritized with high quality fruits and vegetables. Cruciferous greens and a lot of alkaline foods

Make sure to watch the video and see if there is anything you could learn from my style of shopping and eating

Roy is a NASM certified personal trainer who specializes in bodybuilding and weight loss. He started his journey with an aspiration to play professional football one day. A couple season injuries later he had to make a big decision.. Continue down the NFL path or choose something else. He chose “something else” and 10 years later the expert personal trainer focuses on health from the inside out. Longevity is the goal. Building muscle and burning fat is simply a by-product.

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