Vegan Athlete Series Day 7 | Vegan Meal Prep

Proper preparation prevents poor performance. I never was a big fan of meal prepping when I first started my fitness journey, however as I grow and get better I realize convenience plays a huge role in success

Having the proper food prepared for the times where we work long days, have cravings and are just short on time in general is a big help

It prevents me from snacking on processed foods and garbage that will in return make me feel worst. It most likely will destroy my stomach, lower my energy levels and overall mood

So when it comes to body transformation, it’s important that we meal prep in order to prevent overeating which will ultimately push us further away from our goals

Do you meal prep?

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Roy is a personal trainer who specializes in bodybuilding and weight loss. He started his journey with an aspiration to play professional football one day. A couple season injuries later he had to make a big decision.. Continue down the NFL path or choose something else. He chose “something else” and 10 years later the expert personal trainer focuses on health from the inside out. Longevity is the goal. Building muscle and burning fat is simply a by-product.

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