The Supplements Have Arrived| Vegan Athlete Series Day 36

Supplements play a crucial role when it comes to transforming my body. They do as their name suggest, they “supplement” an already good diet and exercise regimen

My goal is to get most of my nutrients from whole food. This creates a solid foundation. Once I have my diet and exercise regimen down pact, I then add supplements in to help fill any gaps

In this package I received some vegan protein and glutamine. These two supplements play a huge role in recovery. From muscles to organs, amino acids are needed for proper repair

What are some supplements that you are using right now or plan on using in the near future?


Roy is a personal trainer who specializes in bodybuilding and weight loss. He started his journey with an aspiration to play professional football one day. A couple season injuries later he had to make a big decision.. Continue down the NFL path or choose something else. He chose “something else” and 10 years later the expert personal trainer focuses on health from the inside out. Longevity is the goal. Building muscle and burning fat is simply a by-product.

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The Youtube channel is a documentation of the personal training journey and Roys’ personal physique goals!

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