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Vegan Desert Recipes (Cakes and Chocolate Mousse)

These deserts are suitable for vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians– oh, and for everyone else who just loves deserts. I tested these recipes on non-veggies and they loved them. So try these out at your next dinner party.

Orchard Fruit Crumble (Vegan)

Crumble (also called Brown Betty) is a traditional English desert. The original version is made with apples (apple crumble) but my version celebrates the range of orchard fruits that can be found in the UK and in other countries throughout the world. Crumble can be made sweet or savoury depending on the ingredients used, although the sweet version is much more common. In some recipes the topping is made from crumbled biscuits or cookies. Oats can be added to the topping as well, but this is not traditional. Crumbles have only really been made in UK since the 1940’s. This recipe came into existence during the second world war. In the UK there was strict rationing of basic ingredients needed to create a basic pie and these were often not available. A pie requires a lot of flour, sugar and butter to make the pastry. So during the 2nd World War people had to be creative and made a simple mixture of flour, margarine and sugar and used this to make the top of the crumble. This is a lovely easy-to-make desert that can be served with ice cream, custard or just on its own.

Vegan Jamaican Patties Recipe

This is a great recipe that is a little fiddly to make but once you’ve made it once you can master the techniques easily. Try this as a meal with a nice tossed salad or with mixed vegetables.

Vegan Bun

This is a veganised version of the traditional Jamaican recipe for Rock Buns and Easter Bun. These are both great served warm with butter. These are also good to use as a dessert or as part of an assortment of cakes.

Try Nettle For A Juicing Miracle! 7 + Great Things That Nettle Can Do For You

Recently I’ve been looking at an assortment of plants that you can add to your juice extracting that will add a lot of nourishment to your juiced beverages. If you have never visited us at Coffee and Juicers, I hope that you will take a moment to visit us and see if there are more articles of interest to you there. Lately we’ve been a little obsessed with nutritious foods to add to your juicing, and there are a handful of posts there that I know you will find valuable. Be that as it may, today it’s my pleasure to give you some information about the obscure but mighty stinging nettle. Nettle has a plethora of supernatural attributes that I can hardly wait to share with you, so away we go!

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