Should You Eat Before The Gym? | Vegan Athlete Series Day 50

No matter if your primary goal is to build muscle or burn fat, I believe that it is important to eat food before going to the gym

Food is simply energy and we need a certain amount of energy to get through an entire workout. If we don’t have enough food for our workout then our workout will not end up producing the necessary results that we are looking for

In this video I also go on one of those lovely bike rides with then intentions of smashing a new personal record (below 55 minutes)

Tune in to see what happens!

Do you prefer eating before the gym or going fasted?

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Roy is a NASM certified personal trainer who specializes in bodybuilding and weight loss. He started his journey with an aspiration to play professional football one day. A couple season injuries later he had to make a big decision.. Continue down the NFL path or choose something else. He chose “something else” and 10 years later the expert personal trainer focuses on health from the inside out. Longevity is the goal. Building muscle and burning fat is simply a by-product.

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