Should People Go Vegan? BBC Radio Ulster – Farming Matters 7 January 2020

Go Vegan World was invited onto BBC Radio Ulster’s Farming Matters programme to participate in a discussion about the growth of veganism, farming, climate change and the ethics of animal use.

Our Barbara Bolton spoke about the Go Vegan World educational campaign, which started in 2015 and which is currently running on buses in Northern Ireland, as well as across the UK and Ireland. Our campaign focuses on the sentience of other animals and the fact that humans should not use animals as resources or kill them.

This interview addresses the history and meaning of veganism and its interconnectedness with human rights and environmental protection.

We were asked if we demonise farmers, which gave us an opportunity to point out that everyone who is consuming animal products is culpable and we do not target farmers or anyone else involved in the animal-using industries. In fact, we want to work with farmers to help them transition away from using animals, to plant-based farming or an alternative use of the land which will be beneficial for us all.

Soy or No Soy – What Is Healthy for Me?

Soy and its various products have become popular in American diets and the diets of many people in the western countries. But research has indicated that all soy products are not created equal. Some of the soy we eat can actually do more harm than good while the right kind of soy can improve our health condition.

Roasting Vegetables Made Easy

Vegetables are healthy and nutritious, but quite frankly often boring. There is a reason why children often need to be made to eat their vegetables, often under the threat of “You can’t have any dessert if you don’t finish your veggies” or similar. But vegetables can be delicious if done right.

Veganism, Methane and the End of the World As We Now Know It

A vegan or vegetarian diet can be a wonderful way of maintaining and restoring health as well as showing the world you care about the well being of animals who suffer at the hands of those who chose to eat them. We could even go along way to preventing global warming. But would there be a downside? One this is for sure. We would be living in a different world completely – and there would be a lot of very unhappy people.

Easy Vegetarian Chili Recipe

A quick and yummy vegetarian chili recipe your kids (and you) will love because it is inexpensive and easy to prepare. Just a couple of cans of beans and some fresh veggies go a long way. Lunch, dinner, even snack!!

Reasons Why Some People Opt For Veganism Like Eating Vegan Breakfast

There are a lot of diet plans people adhere to. One of which is veganism. Those who adhere to this kind of diet got reasons for opting for such.

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