Raw Vegan Athlete // Why I`m doing all this? // What I eat in a day // Workout Motivation

My answer to the video is:
Keep yourself fit and healthy. Eat vegan, if possible regionally with recyclable packaging. Pay attention to what you put into your body … be it through eating or spiritually through fellow human beings or messages. Spends more time in nature in any weather instead of sitting in front of Netflix and Co. all your life. Use the Internet to educate yourself / get inspiration for life instead of dulling your mind with porn, a thousand series, etc. Don’t be a part of the hookup society and try “Semen Retention” for yourselves. This works spiritual miracles for both sexes. I hope I haven’t forgotten anything =) Take care 😉

Buckwheat I use: https://amzn.to/2YrMIRV

In this video you can see what I eat every day as a raw vegan to slowly but surely gain weight. Right now I’m at 78 kg + (1.80m) and my goal is to get to 84 kg or more over the next few months and years;) Of course, everything lean without adding unnecessary fat;) Be part of my journey! =)

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Ingredients list for both smoothies:

– 800g buckwheat (sprouted for 1-2 days)
– 100g hemp seeds (sprouted for 1-2 days)
– Organic blueberries 600g approx
– Handful of wild herbs
– Organic lime peel

When I’m hungry for something salty, I do eat some sauerkraut with sprouted legumes


Meine Antwort zum Video ist:
Haltet euch fit und gesund. Esst vegan, möglichst regional mit recycelbarer Verpackung. Passt auf was ihr in euren Körper rein tut….sei es durchs Essen oder auch geistig durch Mitmenschen oder Nachrichten. Verbringt mehr Zeit in der Natur bei jedem Wetter anstatt das ganze Leben vor Netflix und Co. zu sitzen. Nutzt das Internet um euch weiterzubilden/ fürs Leben inspirieren zu lassen anstatt euch mit Pornos, tausend Serien etc. geistig komplett abzustumpfen. Seid kein Teil der Hookup Gesellschaft und versucht mal “Semen Retention” für euch aus. Das bewirkt geistige Wunder für beide Geschlechter. Ich hoffe ich hab nichts vergessen =) Passt auf euch auf 😉

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