Miley Cyrus Quit Veganism – celebrity ex-vegans & responsibility

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miley cyrus recently broke the news that she has quit veganism after 7 years of eating plant-based. the reason? she felt her brain didn’t function properly.
so how is veganism’s ‘image’ affected when a superstar like cryus proclaims that she is leaving her plant-based diet behind for health reasons? does she have a responsibility to represent a vegan diet factually and science-based? and how do we vegans feel about all this? should we be outraged?

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i talk about:
– miley cyrus quits veganism
– veganism and brain function
– do vegans lack vitamins and minerals ?
– vegan sources of omega 3
– is plant-based not good for you ?
– diet and health
– stop judging each other
– why being on a podcast is hard work
– why do people become vegan ?
– caring for animals
– caring for the planet
– fairly sharing resources across the world
– physical and mental health
– no period pain / better sleep / good skin / high energy levels / balanced hormone levels
– good karma for caring about animals ?
– am i annoyed with miley ?
– miley cyrus’ vegan influence
– dieting being a touchy subject
– why have i stayed vegan for 13 years ?

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