I can’t believe that someone would do this

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Nigel was bought as a ‘mini pig’ (they don’t exist), and after a few days of exhibiting his natural behaviours, the person who bought him decided that they’d had enough of him, locked him in their kitchen and were planning on ‘booking him into a slaughterhouse’ if nobody else would look after him.

Thankfully now he gets to live out the rest of his life in complete peace and harmony with the other animals here at the sanctuary.

With 2020 behind us, let’s commit to making 2021 the year where we all strive to create a world where animals like Nigel never need to worry about being abused, exploited and killed.

Let’s all strive to shape a world that’s better for the living beings on it. We all hold much power through our choices, and by how we can influence those around us.

Please encourage your friends and family to take part in Veganuary, there’s still time to sign up ❤️

Thanks to Pigs in the Woods for alerting us to Nigel’s situation! https://www.pigsinthewood.com/

Follow Nigel over at instagram.com/thesurgesanctuary.

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