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How To Make Vegetarian Soya Sauce Toufu | Vegan Lovers | Homemade Superb Recipes | Dijo Cafe

Are you bored of staying on a vegan diet and just eating the same vegetarian meals every day? Learn the easiest way to make Vegetarian Soya Sauce Toufu. This simple dish features tofu as the main attraction. This is great for a vegetarian or omnivorous lifestyle! Add to your recipes book.



1 packet of Vegetarian Toufu
1 pc of cinnamon
1 pc of star anise
1 teaspoon of mustard seed
5 pcs of dried chillies
1 pc of chopped onion
4 tablespoon of a blended mix of ginger, garlic & bird eyes chillies
Water as necessary
1 tbs of sweet ketchup, soya sauce & dark soya sauce
1 handful of curry leaves
Salt as for your taste
1 tbs of black pepper

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