Easy Vegan Recipes



Recipes for Vegans is the BEST Vegan Meals & Recipe app! Delicious recipes, spoken directions, grocery lists, and much more.

A big collection of delicious 500+ Vegan recipes for people on a vegan food lovers, vegan diet or who would like to eat vegan for a change. This app makes it super easy for you to make a different kind of vegan meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner or anytime snacks. You can also search recipes by ingredient or recipe name.

Every recipe includes:
• Introduction
• Recipe Photo
• Ingredients
• Instructions
• Cooking Notes

Recipes are in 9 Categories:
• Vegan Appetizers and Snacks
• Vegan Breakfast and Brunch
• Vegan Desserts
• Vegan Dinner
• Vegan Ingredients
• Vegan Lunch
• Vegan Salad
• Vegan Smoothie
• Vegan Soups

App Features:
• 500+ healthy, easy to make, plant-based vegan recipes
• New recipes and content added every day
• Easily adapt ingredient measurements according to serving size servings
• Step-by-step explained vegan recipes
• Search for recipes with ease using ingredient keywords or by recipe title
• Save your favorite recipes in personalized cookbooks
• Share your favorite recipes

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