easy plant-based “vegan” healthy breakfast | so easy a teenager could make it


Skip to 2:30 to start making the actual breakfast!

Today’s video is an AMAZING AND EASY, ALL PLANT-BASED breakfast. It is really so easy I think a solid 11 year old could make this (obvi have good knife skills lol) anyhoo! I hope you enjoy this and get some inspiration that EATING SOMETHING FOR BREAKFAST IS BETTER THAN NOTHING! I didn’t believe this for awhile but now that I eat in the AM I have so much more energy for the day. I don’t feel as tired and I actually want to be productive! Just know you can live and be who you want to be, because you are HUMAN!

Dried black beans:
-you’ll need,
1 cup of dried black beans
2 cups of water
1 cup of veggie broth
1 instant pot
—place all ingredients in the instant pot, close the lid and cook on high pressure for 28 minutes. Let it naturally release for at least 20 minutes (you can leave them for awhile like 2 hours and they will still be hot when you opened the lid)
—I store them in the juice it cooked in usually takes two mason jars & they last around 5ish days. I always just smell my food to see if it’s bad and look for mold and bad spots!

1 sweet potato
3/4 cup of cooked black beans
1/2 of a pepper
1 tbps of oil
1 pan
—turn the pan on med. heat. wash the potato and cut it in half. Then cut it into half moons ( you can choose of fast they cook by either cutting them thin & cooking faster or cutting them thicker & taking more time to cook ) cut the pepper into little squares.
—cook the potatoes for about 4ish minutes and throw the peppers in too! Cook until potatoes are easily fork-able lol (if using can black beans, add them for a minute or two in the pan to heat up )
—plate and add the black beans ( I add salsa )

Enjoy! (:

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