Defending Go Vegan World’s Educational Adverts from Challenge Vegfest 2019 Barbara Bolton

Defending Go Vegan World’s Ads From Challenge

Go Vegan World’s educational ad campaign has run across the UK and Ireland, on buses, live screens in city centres, major televised sporting events, national newspapers…. However, behind the scenes they have faced continual efforts to prevent them from educating the public. There have been many refusals to run ads, and many complaints to the Advertising Standards Agency seeking to have ads banned.

In this talk our Legal Counsel, Barbara Bolton, looks at some of the complaints and how GVW successfully defended the ads.

A separate Q&A video can be found here

More information about the attempts to have our ads banned can be found on our website, in particular:

Many thanks to Clara Mozes for filming.

Simple Almond Milk Recipe

One of the most difficult parts for a new vegan is finding an alternative to dairy milk. The most common thing to change it with is almond milk. Almond milk can get expensive, so making your own can often save you more than a few dollars.

Vegan Milk Alternatives

For many new vegans, going without dairy milk is a huge early hurdle. Whether baking, in cereals or used in desserts, living without milk is tough for almost all people at first. Luckily the market has been flooded in recent years with vegan alternative milks made from nuts, rice and soy. Many of these provide as much calcium as regular dairy milk, and taste incredibly similar to the real thing.

Stay Away From Vegan Junk Food – Choose Easy Healthy Vegan Recipes Instead!

Even though the vegan diet has amazing health benefits – you could very well be sabotaging these benefits by choosing the wrong foods. These wrong foods have been termed “vegan junk food,” and they are the roadblock to success on the vegan lifestyle.

Low-Lactose Mac and Cheese

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Dips are wonderful appetizers. Instead of cookies or chips they are also wonderful snacks. Kids no doubt, always love dips but as a matter of fact it is very much true that through this they are at least adding a vegetables intake in their diet.

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