In the middle oh see you later that’s like a shapeshifter calm down Sophie it’s just a bit of makeup what how does that work hi guys welcome back to my channel also I just want to say please excuse my hair today let’s just not talk about it so today I’ve got a big bag of new makeup which I’ve never tried okay there’s one product in here that i have tried before the rest of these products I have never tried and it’s going to be a full face of testing vegan and cruelty-free makeup because I was starting to put all this stuff together and I was like a couple of these bits are vegan and cruelty-free and then as I picked more things out of my new in makeup stuff and stuff that you guys had asked me to test a lot of it was already vegan and Cruelty-free so i thought you know what i would just do one of these videos because i know that some of you guys find these quite helpful.

I’m so excited for the kid vegan beauty they’ve got a fully recyclable palette eyeshadow palette and that is in here as well and it looks beautiful and I put it on my stories and you guys all asked me to test it okay not all of you a lot of you asked me to test it so that’s in here as well also today I’m not wearing any fake tan so I will be testing foundations and concealers and everything that is my regular skin tone just because quite frankly could not be bothered today there are also quite a few brands in here that I haven’t really tried before and haven’t heard that much about so I’m actually starting off with a brand called moolac and this is their Milf collection.

It says underneath milf makeup instinct lives forever and this is an Italian brand I’m not sure whether they deliberately called it milf knowing what milf means I’m sure they must have done somebody must have approved this right anyway this is the milf magic potion and it’s a radiant moisturizing serum they do have some other products in this

Range they’ve got an eyeshadow palette as well which I’m not going to test today just because I’m going to test the kvd one because I was a bit more excited about that one given it’s fully recyclable but they also have some lipsticks which i might test at the end but I’ve got quite a few different lip products so we’ll see that’s actually a really nice bottle it looks very classy i think this is around the 20-pound mark because i was

Just doing some research oh it smells very floral kind of smells like a little bit old ladyish smells quite nice actually i know that putting the dropper directly onto your skin a lot of people don’t like that i mean i do have my concealer and my foundation and everything so oh it’s very lightweight it feels very very light it doesn’t feel like oil it just feels like

Kind of like a hyaluronic acid serum you know what i take it back i take back what i said about the old lady smell i actually really like the smell of it but maybe I’m turning it into an old lady who knows that feels really really nice it’s left my skin a tiny little bit tacky but it does feel like it most of it sunk into my skin and then just on the surface it’s a little bit tacky but it doesn’t feel oily

It doesn’t feel slimy it doesn’t feel slippery it feels really nice and i do think it’s added that bit of radiance to my skin I like that I like it good job Milf moolak next up I’ve got an actual primus this is the sculpted by Amy Connolly i haven’t actually heard of this brand before this is called the beauty base and it’s an all-in-one moisturizing primer so it says prep protect perfect it’s got spf

30 in it UV uva and UVB hyaluronic acid and it says it’s got a golden glow and this didn’t say directly oh no it does stay on the back vegan and cruelty-free i was going to say I had to google it I did do some searching online and was able to find somewhere that was vegan and cruelty-free but it does actually say it on the box so wow it’s a very big tube

50 mil that’s quite a lot that is a lot ah it’s got a pump I don’t know if this is about to turn me into the tin man but we will soon find out it doesn’t smell of much just kind of smells fresh oh yes it definitely has a lot of shimmer in it oh my god do you see this so if you are the type of person that just likes to wear a SPF and that’s it i wouldn’t go for this unless you

Want people to see that you’ve got it kind of looks like I’ve put highlighter all over my face is that coming across on camera it’s got a very obvious gold shimmer all the way through it and it’s really you know it’s not just like a little glow it’s quite a golden glow it feels quite nice I will give it that this isn’t my personal preference when

It comes to primers I don’t tend to go for something that’s got a lot of shimmer in it but maybe some people would quite like this I know that some people like to have a lot of glow underneath their makeup so maybe if you do like something like this that this what if you do like something like that maybe this would be for you but this is not personally for me so for my foundation I’m actually using one that i

Have tried a long time ago but this is a different shade however when I haven’t been wearing tan the past couple of days i have just been putting this on just because this matches me a bit more when i’m my regular skin tone this is the shade warm light zero seven the one that i tried before i think it was like zero two or something so it was even paler i think this one might be a little

Bit dark for me now but we’ll give it a try but this is definitely too light when i do have fake tan on so i thought i’d wear it today and it’s the bare minerals bear pro performance wear liquid foundation this video took me a long time to prepare because i wanted to check that every product that i was using was actually vegan and cruelty free on their website it says cruelty free is one of the first

Things and this was under the vegan section of their site so i’m just gonna go off of that it’s quite a fresh foundation it doesn’t have masses of coverage but i actually quite like that because a lot of the time i would just have my foundation to even out my skin tone and then i’ll conceal what i need to conceal with concealer this shade is definitely quite yellow undertoned does

That make sense yellow undertoned it is quite a nice foundation it’s not one of my absolute favorites or ride or dies but i do think that it looks very natural so if you want something that actually looks i don’t know a bit more skin like this one is really nice and it does last a decent amount of time but it’s just not my absolute favorite foundation of all time but it is still pretty good i know that some

People absolutely love this foundation so i guess it just depends on your preference right for concealer i’ve got these from nude sticks they do some really nice bronzers really nice cream blushes but this isn’t actually a stick this is their new concealer which is called cream concealer and nudestix is also cruelty free it says on their website i mean i guess i don’t need to say that

About everything in this video i did do some research before but if i am wrong about anything please let me know in the comments because i could be but i just was going off what the internet said this is a pretty pricey brand so let’s see what these concealers are like i’ve got newton nude one and nude 4.5 oh wow nude 2 looks very pink i do like nude sticks products however i have got to say

I think that having a tin for every single product that they have is a little bit excessive let’s try nude two first and if this is too dark i’ll add a bit of nude one but yeah can you see that it’s quite peachy appliques is very flexible which is nice let’s see how much coverage this gives because usually nudestix products are quite sort of light coverage and natural yeah that’s pretty light coverage so

Maybe this is the type of concealer for the days where i don’t really want to be wearing super detectable makeup because it is a bit more on the lighter side of the coverage levels i just want a bit more coverage on my blemishes yeah this is definitely not the type of concealer to go for if you are a full coverage kind of person off my first impressions not my favorite so i don’t have a new face powder so i’m just going to use the

Kvd vegan beauty one which is one of my favorite powders i’ve got this which is a palette by pixie so this is the nuance quartet in honey nectar by pixie i think they do this in a few different shades i’ve got the lottie london diamond bounce trio which is three highlighters i’ve got the ofra new solstice mini mix palette which has got a big rodeo drive

In the middle oh see you later it’s got two blushes and the rest are eyeshadows how gorgeous does this palette look this is such a beautiful highlighter but for when i’m like not pale i do have a discount code with ofra by the way i think it’s just soph it is an affiliate code so if you’re not cool with using affiliate codes feel free to not use it but i think it saves you 20 off their website let me just start off

With the pixie one this one right here and i’m going to dip into the bronzer it’s not massively pigmented because i dipped my brush in there a lot and then tapped off the excess but not one of those ones that you have to be kind of really scared of which is quite good much prefer a buildable bronzer so that it doesn’t get like super intense super quickly how many times did i just say

Super oh okay that was a bit much get it all up in that hairline it’s definitely got a bit of glow to it in that bronzer and i think i’m gonna bring this a little bit down my neck under the double chin i think this bronze is actually really nice it has a subtle glow to it it’s not too in your face and it is buildable which i like these blushes okay this blush definitely looks very pink this one is more of a

Highlighter but it’s more of a pink gold highlighter which isn’t my favorite it’s more of like a blush topper i guess these aren’t my kind of blush shades but they do feel really nice i think i’m going to dip into this ofra palette and just take this blush down here which is called rose oh rose is one of my favorite blushes from ofra so i’m gonna take that i believe ofra as a brand is entirely cruelty free and vegan

And you can buy this blush separately oh my gosh i haven’t worn that in ages it’s beautiful i’m also just taking that bronzer to do a bit of sculpting of my nose for highlighter i’m going to use the lottie london diamond bounce trio this is kind of like a dupe for the fenty beauty i can’t remember what they’re called but you know the super smooth super glittery fenty highlighters

And these are kind of like just straight up glitter but it’s like a veil of glitter i don’t know how this is gonna look on my face so i’m gonna take the lightest one which is pretty much just white it really is just straight up glitter from far away it almost gives a wet look to the face but then when you get close up it just really looks like you’ve got glitter all over your face it’s not like

Any other highlighter that i’ve tried before i do quite like it do i like it it’s quite a cool effect and it still looks quite nice i don’t know i don’t really know what i think of that let’s see what happens if i put on my brow bone and down my nose and stuff it definitely seems like more of a buildable highlight you really have to kind of pack it on for it to stick oh wow i really need to pluck that eyebrow

It’s interesting but it’s definitely not something that i would reach for on a daily basis for my eyebrows i have a whole mix of products from rafai which is actually a brand by a lovely instagrammer called jess she’s actually a model she’s absolutely stunning and she has got the most incredible eyebrows and she has launched her own brand and the whole brand is vegan and cruelty free obviously it says on the packaging recyclable packaging

And her first drop was some eyebrow products there’s a brow sculpting gel and then there’s also some pomades and pencils so i think i’ll just kind of test all of them her instagram is just hunt too if you go on her instagram you will see she is stunning and she’s also super super nice so thank you jess for sending these products over i don’t know what shade to go for i think

I’ll go for medium oh i like the packaging it’s matte nude and this is the pomade so it does come with a brush on one side and then the other side is a little tiny pot of pomade but it goes all the way down so i’ll use the brush that it comes with this is a little bit thicker than the brow brushes that i would usually go for but let’s try it i do like how travel friendly that is

Though how you’ve got the little brush and you dip it into the little pot oh it’s quite a wet pomade i haven’t used a brow pomade in forever this is quite dark for a medium shade maybe that is a bit too dark for me i might switch to the light shade for the front of my eyebrow very easily movable it’s just kind of blending into my eyebrow without looking too drawn on and getting stuck to certain

Patches the medium shade is quite dark which i wasn’t expecting did i definitely pick medium up i’m just gonna try the light shade through the front of my brows before i go in with a pencil oh but the light one looks quite light one definitely looks like more of a taupey kind of color very very like if i just put a bit on my hand can you see here blends out very easily it’s quite a soft product and it’s very matte

I’m just kind of smudging it through the front of my eyebrow rather than drawing in because this brush is a little bit too thick to draw the individual hair strokes the actual product itself is nice though it’s nice i mean i don’t tend to go for brow pomades that often anymore just because i find it a lot easier to use a pencil but the formula of the pomade is very soft very matte very blendable and it seemed to go

On pretty nicely so put a bit of pencil on and i think for the pencil i’m gonna go for medium so it’s got a spoolie on one side and then the other side is just oh wow that is a skinny pencil and it’s got a point on the very end obviously it won’t stay like that forever because it’s going to get blunted but oh my god that is a thin eyebrow pencil can you see how

Thin this draws and it feels quite hard let’s let’s try the only thing is i think the shade might be a bit too warm for me is it too warm i wish my eyebrows were like dresses but wow this is a really nice brow pencil it’s super skinny so you can really draw in those brow hair strokes i really like that i’m just gonna see what the light color is like

See if it’s a bit more taupe the light one might have actually been better you know although again it does look quite warm i really like how that drew on i’ll show you my eyebrows close up in a sec the final product that i’m gonna use is the brow sculpt gel i think oh oh it looks white in the thing it kind of looks like the same sort of shade as i don’t know pva glue or something it’s quite a big

Big eyebrow brush the formula feels almost like a brow wax oh my gosh this is making my eyebrows so fluffy i’m gonna go for fluffy brows today it really feels like it’s gluing my eyebrows into place kind of like soap brows so when you first put it on you can see the white gel stuff in your eyebrows however it’s completely dried on this side

And it’s disappeared they are literally not moving wow they are some really nice eyebrow products let me just give you a close-up do you see what i mean it’s made my eyebrows so fluffy the only thing is i wish that this was a tiny bit more cool toned because i think it is a bit warm i have got the new kvd vegan beauty recyclable eyeshadow palette which the box and packaging looks really

Pretty and it doesn’t have any magnets and it doesn’t have any mirrors which sad times because i do like having a mirror on my palette however the reason that it doesn’t have a mirror is so that it’s a lot easier to recycle and because it doesn’t have any magnets it closes like this it’s just like cardboard and the eyeshadow palettes don’t have pans they literally are just in this thing i don’t even know what it is is it like

Hard as well it really does look like a beautiful palette though do you see what i mean they’re all flat in the pan ah this should work i’ll just hold it like that oh my god i’ve also got these products from kvd which are absolutely stunning looking they’re called dazzle stick and it’s a long wearing eye shadow in a stick but they are so metallic and beautiful looking i swatched some of

These in my insta stories and honestly i was in shock at how stunning they are there are some more pinky shades there’s a silver there’s gold there’s copper i think we’re gonna go for this one which is more of a champagne oh my god it’s like a cream eyeshadow oh my god but they are the most ah they’re so creamy and they are so sparkly i’m using the really strange eyeshadow primer from kvd which is like

A black liquid put on eyelid oh i got it on my face how have i managed that i don’t even know what this is like what is this weird substance that i’m putting on my eyes i’m gonna say the blue you know what i’m gonna take the blue let’s take the blue the matte blue this one which is a bit of a risk because matte dark blues

Are sometimes a bit tricky to work with but we’ll see about that okay that was actually quite a lot more than i intended to just put on my eye dip in a bit more and let’s just put this all over my lid it looks like a more fun blue in the palette and then on my eyes it just looks a bit i don’t know it doesn’t look that blue it looks kind of a gray black with a little bit of blue in there it’s not as bright as i thought it was

Gonna be right well that’s gone on pretty well it’s not gone patchy or anything so far let’s take this one which is the warm medium light brown i’m so good at describing things as you’ve probably noticed and i’m trying to use this to blend out the edges but it’s kind of just turning into a sludgy actually no no have faith trust the process trust the process

I’m just going to dip into a bit more of that blue because i don’t know it’s just not really doing it for me it just looks a bit dull at the moment don’t you just think that in the pan it looks so much more exciting i’m just taking a smaller fluffy brush and i’m gonna pick up some more of that warm brown shade see this probably wouldn’t have happened if i’d have just stuck to a neutral look but no i wanted to try and do something a bit

Different just dipping into my benefit powder i’m gonna try and clean that up a bit oh okay that worked i’m gonna try and take one of these shimmers so i’m gonna take this blue black shimmer and i’m gonna put this all over my eyelid so hopefully try and save this a little bit okay wow oh my god oh my god okay wow that is a beautiful shimmer oh my god can you see this it kind of looks like wet let me try it with my finger and see

If it will be even more intense because i’m sure it probably will be huh i’d actually said that this one is more of a black shimmer with bits of blue glitter in it but i think it kind of works better with a brush oh my god these duochrome shades are just beautiful like this green oh my god no that just took a big chunk out of it they are so so fragile be so careful

With these shimmers this is like a what color even is that i don’t know but it’s absolutely stunning it’s like a greeny bronzy color and then there’s this bluey brown one that’s like a shape shifter let’s go for this one the bluey brown yeah they do almost feel like creams oh my god oh my god sorry i’m just in the moment can you see that

Ah oh wow wow oh my god these shimmers are unbelievable it’s almost like that wet look wow oh my god they are stunning let me take this one just on my inner corners i really hope it’s coming across on camera how stunningly beautiful that shade is it is just so pretty then on the very center of my lids i’m taking this dazzle stick in the shade

Hail surge and i’m just going to take a tiny bit of this actually you know what i’m going to do on my finger oh oh my god okay i think i even took a bit too much there oh wow wow oh my god these are absolutely stunning that is beautiful i’ve got to say these dazzle sticks just from swatching the shades on my

Hand these are some of the most exciting eyeshadow products that i’ve tried in a long time they are beautiful they’re so sparkly they’re almost wet looking i need to stop gasping calm down sophie it’s just a bit of makeup let me just fix up my under eyes real quickly with just a little bit of the blue and a bit of the brown as well for mascara i’ve got the bare minerals strength and length serum infused

Mascara this is supposed to make your eyelashes grow the more that you wear it so and this is vegan gluten-free and tree nut free so if you have any allergies this is a pretty good mascara to go for packaging is just simple matte black oh the brush looks very scary that is a really spiky plastic brush oh my god look at the shape of

That that is the weirdest mascara brush shape it’s flat how strange i absolutely love the bamboo nose oh my god i can’t get over this eyeshadow like what i absolutely love the bare minerals mascara i think it’s called is it the lash topia mascara or something or if i just made that up oh i see the back of it kind of gets more mascara on your lashes i feel like this brush is kind of lethal because it’s really spiky

If you poke this in your eye i would tell you it would not be a fun day come on build me some volume please okay we’re getting there we’re getting there in order to comb through your lashes with it you have to kind of turn it on its side and that’s where i’m a bit more prone to poking myself in the eye it’s just not giving me the volume that i want and that that other mascara does

It’s definitely separating my lashes nicely though but i just love a bit more volume that would do i’m just gonna wait for my lashes to dry i’m going to do my lips and then i have one of those really exciting liner lash glue pens that’s a eyeliner and lash glue in one this is by a brand called wonder2 i think it’s the brand that makes wonder brow and again these are vegan

Must have matte comfort wear lipstick with hyaluronic acid this is in the shade kneaded nude and oh it looks quite nice it’s quite a dark nude though oh it’s very creamy very creamy i would say it’s more of a satin finish than matte i wonder if it’s going to dry down because it did say that it was six hour wear it’s a nice color but i think i’d prefer this when i’ve got my tan on just because this is a little bit dark for

What i want at the moment so what i am just going to do is take a little bit of concealer my nudestix concealer and i’m gonna add this in the middle finally to finish off this video i’ve got the sew sue divine duo magic liner which is a two in one lash adhesive and liquid eyeliner i’ve seen quite a lot of people use these on instagram i’ve seen an isla one as well i think there’s another brand that makes them oh my god wait what i

Have to click it oh oh i do well i’m really confused why did that not come back out am i supposed to like click it a lot because that’s just got stuck press the tail button at the base until it clicks shake the liner pen allow three to five minutes for the formula to completely infiltrate the tip okay i’ll be back in a minute three to five so i’ve returned it’s been five minutes and

Oh okay it’s nearly all infiltrated to the tip let me just give it another good shake this is gonna be a bit tricky because normally i would do my liner then do my mascara then do my lashes however because this is a lash glue as well if i’d have done it before my mascara i think it would have dried i’m gonna add two layers just for good measure here is the moment of truth will my lash

Stick onto it oh these lashes are really natural i kind of wanted something a bit more intense it’s actually stuck it’s stuck to the liner and it’s my wing sticky not massively what how does that work um i’m really really quite impressed obviously you could use this with any lashes potentially i wasn’t really expecting it to work you could always just do your regular winged

Liner and then just do this over the top of it let’s do a second layer again because it definitely is a bit more difficult to get a precise wing with let me just actually put them into place oh my god it’s really really sticky which actually is kind of bad because i want to move the placement and it’s like fully stuck and it actually sticks on the inner corner my inner corner is stuck

Can you see that oh my god wait like you didn’t really think that was going to work as well as it did wow i’m impressed i’m really impressed and then it kind of feels like it’s dried now so that the outer liner doesn’t feel sticky wow so this is a close-up of the final look you know what i should have just turned down my brightness for this whole video i’m really sorry that this has probably

Been a really bright video but i’m actually really happy with the overall look i think it looks really cool well that was definitely a very interesting experience i think i’ve discovered some pretty good new products here i think my favorite thing from this video it’s got to be those eyeshadow sticks from kvd they’re just absolutely unbelievable the lipstick never like fully dried down

It definitely feels a little bit more matte now but still creamy still movable i’ve gotta say i’m impressed i am very impressed i will leave everything linked down below in case you guys are interested and i’m just gonna answer a question of the day to finish off the video today’s question comes from morgan irving and she said how is your courgette doing have you ate her i still get notifications for my

Comment on that every day so if you didn’t know and if you don’t follow me on instagram and twitter a couple months ago i accidentally grew a giant courgette in my garden i didn’t even realize it was growing i thought my plant was dead left it for about a month went out to check on it and i had this monstrous courgette that was literally like this big it actually weighed more than me when my mum gave birth to me so it

Was a pretty big courgette although i was a small baby it’s actually still in my fridge chopped up into pieces i did eat a bit of it but it wasn’t very nice because when they grow to that stage where they’re more of a marrow it’s mostly just seeds and they lose a lot of their flavor i don’t really know what to do with it it’s still sitting in my fridge still hasn’t gone mouldy it’s just

Like sitting there indestructible and um yeah i’m probably gonna have to get rid of it soon but i’m glad that i tried it i’m glad you’re interested in the courgette there we go she’s uh she’s dead she’s chopped up in my fridge r.i.p right i’m gonna go i’ve been filming for so long i hope you guys are all doing good and i will see you in my next video bye that’ll do don’t care that’ll do

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