Celebrities You Didn’t Know Are Vegan

Veganism is growing more and more popular every day. Who were some of the celebrities that joined the movement recently? Who gave up meat years ago? Stayed tuned and see if you knew if any of these guys were vegan!

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6. Alicia Silverstone
Clueless actress Alicia Silverstone is good friends with Woody Harrelson. She even cited him as the reason she chose to use natural products. She has been an outspoken figure for veganism for over a decade now. “Knowing the truth about where our food comes from is just so disturbing to me,” Silverstone expressed in a video for Farm Sanctuary’s Compassionate Meals program. She’s made sure that her young son also eats strictly vegan food, too.

5. Joaquin Phoenix
Joaquin Phoenix is only 44 years old, but apparently, he’s been a vegan for over 40 years. He vowed not to eat meat after seeing a fish be killed while he was on a boat. Phoenix called it a “profound” moment from his childhood, one that caused him to be distrustful of humans.

4. Jenna Dewan
Not only does she work in the entertainment industry, but she has also become somewhat of a health guru on Instagram. Jenna Dewan has quite the slim frame, and you can attribute a lot of that to her vegan diet. Or, at least, her “mostly vegan” diet. Dewan has been a vegetarian for most of her life. Her daily meals consist of three healthy plant-based dishes every day, incorporating a lot of green smoothies and hummus.

3. Rooney and Kate Mara
Famous sisters Rooney and Kate Mara both adhere to a vegan way of living. Kate has been a vegan for over five years now. She considers meat-free meals as a way of choosing better health, a better environment, and a better treatment of animals. Veganism was a decision she made after reading The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder. When looking at them, you notice how thin they are. Some have wondered if they even eat much. In response to that idea, Rooney explains that she loves to eat and eats a lot. Perhaps it doesn’t show because she’s vegan.

2. Jared Leto
Jared Leto is 47 years old and yet he always looks like he’s somewhere between 29 and 35. How’s that possible? Fans theorize it may be his active lifestyle and vegan diet. His weight has had to fluctuate frequently for different roles. After having to gain weight for the film Chapter 27, Leto developed gout. For the past 20 years, he’s swayed between being a vegetarian and being vegan, and Leto says it has helped him with his alcohol intake and other health problems. Leto mentions that he has exceptions to his veganism, too. If someone gives him cookies made with eggs, he’ll eat it. If he’s out in the wild and he catches a salmon, he’ll eat it.


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