Bronnko Manufactures Vegan Leather Shoes, Laptop Bags, Wallets for Indian Men | #EarthDay2018

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Our planet earth is home not only to humans, but millions of other species. Most of us love animals for their cuteness, but few of us are concerned about their actual wellbeing. Well, Aditya and Trisha Punamiya are two of them.

Millions of live animals are slaughtered every day for their leather.
It is this same leather hide that goes into most of our bags, shoes and many other daily use items. Aditya and Trisha, previously living in USA, founded Bronnko, a men’s lifetstyle brand with a vision of using 100% Vegan leather – that is leather which does not involve any animal skin – for all their products.

Bronnko is a ‘PETA-Approved Vegan’ company. All their products are 100% vegan and cruelty free.

Aditya was working as a business intelligent developer and Trisha was working as a product developer for a fashion label.
On Aditya’s Birthday, Trisha gifted him a beautiful vegan leather bag. Looking at the overwhelming response, Aditya and Trisha thought of sharing their combined talents into curating styles for men restricted not just to bags but to an entire collection using nothing but vegan leather.

Bronnko presents a range of designer bags, wallets, belts and shoes that are friendly to the environment as well as with a style statement. They plan to make more ecologically sustainable products in the future.

To Celebrate Earth day, Bronnko have announced a 20% discount on all the products featured on their website. Visit for 20% off on all products until 15th May 2018.
Promo code : ’20earthday’

Team ClubBioman appreciates the efforts of Bronnko. We urge our viewers and subscribers to save the lives of millions of animals by using Vegan products only. If your products or services help the earth in any way, we would be glad to feature you. Just reach out to us at ‘

Bronnko presents a range of designer bags, wallets, belts and shoes that are friendly to the environment as well as with a style statement.

Men, it’s time for you to walk forward with your Bronnko and make heads to turn with your style quotient.

A brand that is wild, untamed yet strong and reliable just like our designs and quality.

With Bronnko you would not have to worry about anything being without a personality of it’s own, all our products are designed with it’s own statement style, help you to wear and relate to your style idea.

Animals like cow and other cattle are killed in huge numbers on a daily basis for manufacturing leather in India. Use vegan leather to prevent such atrocities on innocent animals.



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