250g Protein – FULL DAY OF EATING whilst WORKING a 9-5 JOB

Welcome back to another video!

I thought it would be cool to do a video showing how I balance my training and nutrition around my job. I currently work from home so just make my meals as i go.

Each meal will how that meals macros and also the totals for the day so you can see how it all comes together.

I did say in the video why I eat so much protein and just want to reiterate it here.
Protein in very satiating meaning it will keep you feeling fuller for longer.
Your body burns more calories digesting the protein so can help with fat loss.
When on a cut, you want to increase your protein intake to ensure you preserve / gain as much muscle as possible whilst losing fat. (I won’t hear anyone say you can’t build muscle and lose fat as you can and i’m living proof). This theory has also been debunked many of times so please look into this. I won’t cover this as plenty of you tubers have already and done a great job of it. @Jeff Nippard being the main one.

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