14: From Vegan to Professional Vegan Bodybuilder – Torre Washington

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Welcome to another episode of Happiness From Within were our aim is to touch your heart and soul at a deep level through interviews. To help you come out of the darkness and into the light.

Torre Washington is a vegan pro bodybuilder, NASM-certified coach, and athlete who combined his love of superheroes, reading of bodybuilding magazines, and Rastafarian beliefs to create a record-setting career in bodybuilding.

In this powerful episode of Happiness from Within, we talk with Torre Washington, vegan pro bodybuilder, athlete, and coach, about his journey from into veganism, bodybuilding, and building a grounded life that aligns powerfully with his beliefs.


Torre’s journey from vegetarian to vegan and from bullied kid to power bodybuilder

Being authentic when telling your story

Why you shouldn’t “try” to reach your goals

Dealing with haters and criticism when you make a change

Rethinking your concept of “boring vegan food:

How to approach nutrition from a perspective of gratitude and wonder

Why you shouldn’t have “cheat” meals (and what to do instead

Torre’s philosophy on building a L.I. F. E. (Live in Freedom Everyday) you’re proud of, one day at a time

Cool Quotes from our Guest

“For me, it’s better to be real and true and honest about your lifestyle.”

“I started with this one dumbbell doing flat bench presses.”

What I realize is that many people always ‘try’ to do things.”

“Trying is making an attempt to fail.” “Your body feels exactly what your mind and mouth are saying.” You have to be understanding of your journey.”

“I didn’t want to be a ‘should have’. I wanted to be a doer.”

“I like the process of chewing and tasting the food…”

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