🍫 100 CALORIE CHOCOLATE BAR | Low calorie dessert for weight loss | Vegan, keto, low carb, low fat

Hey! Hope you like this recipe. Ready the whole description!
– 40gr/1.5 oz unsweetened cocoa
– 140m/ 5 oz soymilk (or any mill, for that matter)
– Sweetener and flavouring to taste (I am using toffee sweetener and salt)

LOW CALORIE PUDDING- https://youtu.be/aLS6QmjWoLQ

Have you ever tried to prepare a chocolate bar and ended up with some weird chocolate mess , high in calories and using 15 appliances?

Not anymore! There is no secret to this recipe; you can make it in one minute with only three ingredients; cocoa powder (unsweetened), plant / coconut milk and some sweetener. Is has 100 calories for a 100 grams or 10 per piece , exactly a piece of what regular chocolate has.

You can adjust the recipe as you like; you can use a higher fat cocoa powder and coconut cream to make it keto/ low carb or substitute soy milk for a lower fat milk to make it low fat. You can also add any flavours that you like; some peanut or hazelnut butter, vanilla, cinnamon…

This chocolate bar can be added to any weight loss diet, because I can tell you it is 80-90% just like regular chocolate. Is also suitable to everyone, because it is vegetarian and vegan, gluten free, sugar free, milk fee, egg free and nut free; in general, allergen-free. and Anabolic! (Gotta Love Greg Doucette)

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